FFF Friday 8/11/17

Happy Friday friends!

I’ve been so busy with getting ready for school, packing for vacation next week, volunteering with the Pitt sports dietitian… I’ve hardly had time to blog post!

As you know, my fashion this summer has been boring… workout clothes… but I promise that this section of the FFF Friday will get more interesting once school starts!

Since I’ve been waking up at 4:45am to volunteer, my meals consisted of snacks on those days. Butttt I took some days off for some family time, and of course it involved food!!

On Wednesday I spent time with my grandma and went to Houlihan’s. She got grilled salmon with veggies and mashed potatoes, while I got their Organic Power Greens Salad with grilled salmon and avocado toast. They were both delicious! (Although no restaurant so far can beat First Watch‘s avocado toast)


When I visited some friends from my undergrad we went to Patterson Fruit Farm. I couldn’t get veggies, so I got homemade cashew butter instead. MAN is it good!! And it’s only 1 ingredient! (all true nut butters should only have 1 ingredient — the nuts it’s made of. Exception is addition of sea salt.) I wanted to get apples to have with the cashew butter, but they were out of season 😦 but I’m definitely going to try more of their nut butters when I visit again!


A lot of nut butters have fillers in them to avoid the natural separation of the nut oil. These fillers are harmful and may contain hidden trans fats (such as the original Jif — it has fully hydrogenated oils). That’s why it’s important to read the labels of nut butters to make sure they only have 1 ingredient: NUTS!) The exception is if the nut butter contains sea salt, like Wild Friends. Some populations (mainly clinical) may need to watch out for excess sodium in their foods; but for the healthy population, sea salt in their nut butters isn’t going to be harmful. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixed nut butters! They have multiple kinds of nuts for a more flavorful dish!!

My favorite brands are Wild Friends, Crazy Richards, and Trader Joe’s. (more specifically, their mixed nut butter!)

One of the dishes I made this week was from Whitney English, RD: Butternut Squash & Wheat Berry Salad. Wheat berries aren’t actually made of wheat, they’re technically a grain like quinoa. They’re full of protein and fiber and have a nutty flavor. I added more goat cheese because I’m absolutely OBSESSED with it at the moment.

Find the recipe here!

I did a little shopping this week also and got collagen peptides. My stomach doesn’t do well with whey protein and hearing so many great things about collagen, I decided to use this as my protein supplement. Collagen is the fibrous protein in our connective tissues (think tendons & ligaments) and supports the health of hair, skin, and nails. 3 Tbsp. packs 11g protein and most are unflavored; so it can be added to virtually any food for a bit of extra protein throughout the day.


Not all collagen is treated the same, though. Collagen is a long chain of 3 different molecules, and long chains of anything are harder to digest and get distributed throughout the body (think back to my coconut oil post, how LCTs are harder to digest and be absorbed than MCTs). Collagen peptides are shorter chains of collagen, so the body can distribute and utilize them quicker than the original long chain of collagen.

If you’re thinking about supplementing your diet with collagen, make sure the label reads “collagen peptides” or “hydrolyzed collagen.” (The term “hydrolyzed” refers to hydrolysis, the process used to break down the long strand of collagen into shorter collagen peptide chains. Both types of collagen are synonymous.)

I got this bag from Amazon.

For exercise, I took it easy and mainly walked for an hour. I did 1 WOD this week which was killer:

  • 30 clean & jerks
  • 50 wall-balls
  • 25 burpees
  • 50 deadlifts
  • 50 wall-balls
  • 25 burpees

It took me 45 minutes to do since there was a lot of power lifts (clean & jerk and deadlifts). But it was amazing to see how many clean & jerks I could do with 83 lbs.!!

If you have any questions about nut butters or collagen, message me through the Contact tab!

Hope you guys have an AWESOME weekend!


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